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In the field of laboratory medicine, we are the point of contact for physicians and patients on questions relating to general diagnostic topics and quality management.
In the field of cell science, we describe methods of microscopy, histology, and molecular-specific cell labeling for researchers and offer solutions.
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Laboratory medicine

In our reports, we address current topics in laboratory diagnostics. At this, we consider the immune system in autoimmunity and in defense against disease, among other things. We are also contact person for general questions regarding clinical laboratory, immunology and transfusion medicine. In addition, we can assist in setting up your quality management system.

Cell science

In this section, development paths of microscopy, histology and molecular-specific staining principles are presented. You will find descriptions of the preparation of reagents and their use for biomarker detection. Application examples underline their usefulness for the study of cellular differentiation in ontogenesis, cancer research and histopathology.


About 40 years ago, the development of laboratory techniques for purposes of clinical diagnostics, immunochemistry and immunohistochemistry on the basis of own biomedical research projects was the starting point of Laboratory Diagnostics & Cell Science. History and career details can be traced in the Contact section.

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